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The details of this functionality and install instructions are described on the wiki on contribs.org

SME Optimizer functions

DNS Blacklist SME Optimizer's DNS blacklist is partially based on the user contributions. With SME Optimizer your SME server provides data about your spam rejects and in return you get access to a large DNS blacklist. This blacklist is both providing IP as well as URI based lists and comes as a configuration option to SpamAssassin or qpsmtpd plugin.

Attachment Filter The system will (currently only on SME 9.2) check file attachments hashes up against a DNS based system. This will allow an extra check beyond the build-in ClamAV as this check contains malicious file hashes found by other AV engines. This functionality requires you to register for a free VirusTotal public API and configure the system to use it. This means that your system will, in the background, build up the has databases and all other users will benefit. This system is not expected to catch much (ClamAV does a fine job) but has shown very efficient in the WannaCry attack where you will be dependent of more AV engines.

Server Monitoring The second functionality is remote monitoring of your SME server. The system will on a daily basis check whether your server (it IP address) is listed in international DNS blacklist. Further more it will on an hourly basis check whether your server for SMTP availability.

Threat Center

Based on the SME Optimizers users as well as the e-mails running through ScanMailX we constantly monitor the level of incoming spam and viruses across users to be able to react to new and unforeseen patterns in the spammers email pattern.

IPs amd URIs in DNSBL (Dec 23, 2018)

Currently there are 2,118,000 IPs in the DNS Blacklist where 500,897 have been contributed from the SME Community. The URI database contains 424.629 registered URIs.

Attachment SHAs (Dec. 23, 2018)

This system has now been operating for a little more than a year and with great shared results. The attachment DB contain 14473 SHA signatures where the majority has been contributed by the SME Community. These entries have been hitted 24860 times preventing a bad attachment to enter your system.

Spam Level

Indicates the amount of emails that have been classified as spam over the last 7 days.

Virus/Worm Level

The percentage of emails infected with a virus, over the last 7 days.
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